Wire Hanger Wreath

Hey Supergirls! Today I am taking a small break from scrapbooking to make this cute and simple wreath I saw online. Now before I get  into telling you how I made it, I have to admit something to you.  I am a Pinterest FAIL type of person when it comes to home decor.  I see these awesome DIY projects and think, “No problem!”  Then 18 hours laters, in a huge sticky mess with craft items everywhere my husband comes in and reassures me that whatever it is looks fabulous the way it is and I should walk away.  The problem is he didn’t see how it was “supposed” to look.  I swear they made that website pinterest fails just for me. For some reason though, I still  embark on these projects.  So for today, I was bound and determined to make this wreath from a wire hanger and ornament balls.   So, for your blog pleasure, I will explain to you how I did it in basic steps.

You will need:

Wire coat hanger, ornament balls (at least 80 Medium sized depending on the size you would like for your wreath), hot glue gun, pliers, ribbon  (optional), embellishments(optional)

  1.   Find a wire coat hanger and open it up.  You may need pliers depending on how tightly it is wound together.
  2. Pull it apart and shape it into a circle as best as you can.  Set it aside, but leave the ends open.
  3. Get your ornament balls and gently pull the tops up and put a little bit of glue under the “cap” to reinforce so they don’t fall off once they are on the hanger.  Be sure not to pull these off to glue them.  It will be a sticky mess and surely one that will end up on the Pinterest fails website.  Don’t ask me how I know…..
  4. Once you have reinforced the “caps”, you will begin to thread them on the wire hanger.  Just keep putting them on the hanger until you get to the top.   You need to push them close together so the wire doesn’t show.  You won’t need to glue them together, just push them close while you are threading. 
  5. When you have filled it up completely, attach both sides back together by winding the two sides or interlocking them.  You can cover this section with a Box or an embellishment if desired.
  6. I decided I shouldn’t press my luck with the ribbon or extra embellishments for fear that I would again have a “failed” project.  So after on 1 HOUR, here is my finished wreath:  I couldn’t believe it!!!  It turned out just the way it was SUPPOSED to!  Anyone else making a wreath?!  Post your favorite wreath over on facebook.com/scrappysupergirls

Have a SUPER day!